Fiona Morgan

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Hello, I'm Fiona Morgan, I founded Shenkido in 2005.

I am a Spiritual teacher and Shamanic practitioner with a rich treasure chest of practices, tools and therapies gained over many years of dedication to my path. My aim and privilege is to be in service to the greater good, nothing more, nothing less, nothing else.


I specialise in transformation and support awakening, empowerment and connection to self, wishing to liberate and open the hearts of everyone I am in service to.

I am inspired by the brilliance of human potential and in awe of the infinite possibility within the presence of each awakened moment.

I aspire to facilitate, honour and support the unfolding of these magnificent transforming moments and feel deeply moved by the courage, determination and the focus people find as they ignite their spirits and dreams and open their hearts to the infinite.

To see light dance in eyes, to witness unique gifts and honest recognition of the perfection of innate truth and wisdom come alive, to be in service to this grace and unfolding beauty as it flourishes in the hearts, minds and bodies of so many who share this journey is my greatest joy.


My deepest gratitude is to the incredible teachers who have guided, supported and awoken me, and I honour them, their lineage and their work with my commitment to sharing the magic. Their support, encouragement, accreditation and blessing is essential in all that I practice and share.


We are all simply walking each other home, we are kin, we are friends, we are sangha. Lets make it a play and laughter filled adventure, in unity as a community with vision, we can soar together, free, in joy and in love.