The Centre

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Our centre is the Art of Heart Centred Transformation.


It's our phoenix nest of excellence. With a host of wonderful teachers, counsellors and therapists offering a diverse and effective range of services to facilitate and support your personal spiritual and healthful development. 


We offer classes, treatments, workshops and one to one appointments. We work both in house and in nature, where we offer retreats and workshops including firewalking and sweatlodge. Our aim is to nourish, support and inspire, to make your spirit soar and ignite your potential.


We support and love ourselves and each other, we support and love you our friends and we support and love our community.


Our nest is your nest, a place to put it all down, to find some space to be, to connect, to release and to recreate. We are a friendly and fun bunch of passionate, independent, experienced and compassionate beings, ready and capable to hold a safe, sacred and loving space for all and to honour the divinity and the miracle that you are.


Our door is always open, the kettle is always on and we welcome you to come and join the joy of living a life you love and loving the life you live.


So call in and say hello, stay a while, meet the community and see what's on offer.

I guarantee you will feel the warmth and the love in our sacred nest of beauty and grace.